CEO StatementPerforming Strongly in a Challenging Environment

In the face of persistent challenges, such as difficult macroeconomic conditions, heightened environmental concerns and social unrest, Beiersdorf continues to make good progress. Our 2013 results confirm this. We have recorded organic growth of 7% and gained market share across our Consumer business segment. We have achieved this by strengthening our brands, increasing our ability to innovate and focusing on emerging markets. The commitment and dedication of our employees have also played a crucial role.

Just as our business grew in 2013, so did our sustainability efforts. We focus on areas where we have the most impact and can make the biggest difference: products, planet, people. Thanks to our ‘We care.’ strategy we continued to deliver meaningful results on our way to achieving our 2020 commitments.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Our Products

We carried out life-cycle analyses to better understand our products’ environmental profile. The results have already been translated into our NIVEA Face Care range. This is the second major product category where we have significantly cut our environmental impact – following on from our NIVEA Body Care range last year where we save 350 tons of plastic a year. In addition, we committed to discontinuing the use of polyethylene particles in our products by the end of 2015.

Focusing on Energy Efficiency

We made energy efficiency an integral part of our regional supply chain roadmaps and defined concrete actions, such as installing co-generation systems and optimizing cleaning processes for all our European production sites. Our 34% CO2 reduction at our global production sites confirm that we are making good progress in this area. We also increased our use of renewable energy and pledged to extend this commitment. As of 2016 all German production and office sites will be run entirely using renewable energy – this represents nearly 20% of our production and 50% of our office sites worldwide. We have upgraded our targets for our new production center in Mexico. We are aiming for LEE D platinum – one of the highest environmental certifications available for buildings.

Launching ‘NIVEA cares for family’

As part of our global commitment to improve the lives of one million families, we set up a social platform for NIVEA . ‘NIVEA cares for family’ aims to strengthen families in three key areas: competencies for children, mothers’ empowerment and family time. We are taking a local approach to ensure the right help where it is needed most. We encourage all our employees to get involved in supporting their local communities. Last year we launched the ‘NIVEA Family Days’. Employees from more than 40 countries took part in this initiative and helped to deliver support for families in need.

Moving forward Confidently

Implementing sustainability across a global business presents both opportunities and challenges. Continuing to innovate high-quality, safe products which meet our consumers’ needs whilst at the same time reducing our environmental impact and adding social value is a challenging task. Delivering on our promises means working closely with our partners whether they be suppliers or NGOs. We have taken important steps towards becoming faster, more efficient and more sustainable. This has been achieved as a team, thanks to the full commitment of our over 16,500 employees. We can all be proud of the progress and achievements that we have made to date – this will allow us to tackle the challenges ahead of us with confidence.

Stefan F. Heidenreich
Chief Executive Officer