Why Planet?

As a globally operating business, we are well aware that natural resources are limited. This is all the more reason for us to use them sparingly in our daily operations.  


The increase in greenhouse gases is fueling the process of climate change. Additionally, the scarcity of fossil fuels and the increasing demand for them are impacting on their price. Legislation and regulations to reduce the use of fossil fuels and substitute them with renewable energy sources have also resulted in higher energy prices. We believe that ecology and economy go hand in hand. As a skin care company, we consume significantly less energy than firms in other industries. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment caused by emissions. This will not only reduce our costs, but make our business more resilient in the face of future energy challenges. To achieve this we are systematically working on solutions to reduce the energy used in our production and distribution processes and, wherever practical and technically feasible, we use more renewable energy sources.


Today, production processes use materials as ingredients, for packaging and to facilitate processes. The wide range of materials increases the complexity and effort of recycling. Parallel to this, the growing consumer market has led to an increased volume of waste. At the same time, more and more consumers demand products that generate less waste. We believe that all substances should be disposed of in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. We strive to keep material usage and process waste to a minimum whilst maintaining stability and quality. Minimizing waste is only the first step, but where waste cannot be eliminated, the aim is to reuse and recycle it. This will enable us to work in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. To achieve this we are pursuing our policy of 'avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle' and working closely with our supply chain partners to identify and eliminate waste wherever possible.


Water is a scarce resource. The percentage of water available and fit for human consumption is extremely low. In addition, the increased demands of the growing population and the challenges of climate change put further pressure on this resource. We believe that the water consumed in our processes should be used as efficiently as possible. We are constantly working to reduce the water consumption – in our production processes, in our buildings and in other areas of consumption. This benefits both the environment and our business. To achieve this we use purification processes with the lowest possible environmental impact. Wherever possible, we try to reuse treated wastewater or process water.