Why Products?

We are a global manufacturer of high-quality skin care products with over 130 years of research expertise. This know-how is and always has been the main driver for our success. Our target is to continue providing high-quality, trustworthy products, whilst decreasing our environmental impact. 

Raw Materials

Some of our key raw materials, such as mineral oil, are running out. This affects their price and availability. In addition, consumers and regulators are demanding changes in the kinds of raw materials we use. We believe that our high standards in selecting raw materials and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our formulas are the main reasons why consumers trust our brands. We want to maintain these high standards whilst further reducing our environmental impact and dependency on scarce resources. Innovating to meet these challenges will ensure long-term business success. To achieve this we are incorporating sustainability criteria into our research, the procurement of raw materials, and the development of new formulas and applications.


Consumer demand and safety considerations often result in a higher volume of packaging, which leads to increased waste streams. At the same time, consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging. We believe that providing our consumers with packaging that is safe and attractive is vital. On top of this, we want to keep the environmental impact of our packaging as low as possible and ensure long-term cost savings. To achieve this we are constantly working on minimizing our packaging and making it more sustainable. We are applying the sustainability criteria of 'avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle' to all of our packing innovations.

Consumer Engagement

A growing number of consumers expect the companies they buy their products from to have a positive impact on society. In addition, they look for ways to make their own social and environmental contribution. We believe that only by working together with our consumers can we achieve more. We want to better understand our consumers’ needs and expectations and help them to lead more sustainable lives. By doing so, we will further strengthen the relationship with our consumers – now and in the future. To achieve this we are providing our consumers with sustainable product solutions and actively engaging with them to promote sustainable living.