Our global sustainability strategy “We care.” is based on three pillars: “Products”, “Planet” and “People”. They encompass the full range of management priorities right along our value chain – from sustainable raw materials procurement, through the health and safety management for and by our employees, to the reduction of our environmental footprint and our support for socially disadvantaged families around the world. Together the three pillars form an important cornerstone of our global business activity. They motivate our employees year after year to launch numerous projects and activities that contribute to society and help protect the environment.
“We care.” is much more than concepts and KPIs: It is first and foremost the personal commitment and engagement of our employees around the globe, something that makes us deeply proud.

Of our many achievements in 2016 I would like to highlight one in particular, as it defines our road ahead for the years to come. After we had already reached our “Planet” target of a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions ahead of schedule in 2015, we worked together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Germany) in 2016 on a new and ambitious target: A reduction of 70% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2025*. This new target is aligned with the accords of the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris (COP21). Beiersdorf is one of a handful of DAX-listed companies to develop this target on the basis of the methods of the Science Based Target Initiative. 2017 is the first year of the implementation of this new climate target, and within this effort we will be focusing on switching over our electricity supply globally to renewable sources and implementing further energy-efficiency measures. We will also set concrete targets to reduce CO2 emissions related to the goods and services we procure.

In the “Products” area, on the other hand, we had hoped to achieve more in 2016: Our target remains to generate 50% of our global revenues with products that have a clearly improved environmental profile compared to the 2011 base year. At the end of 2016 we were behind schedule on our road towards this goal. We need and will do more this year.

We are very pleased with the progress in our “People” pillar. Just like every year, many of our colleagues around the world participated in projects belonging to “NIVEA cares for family”, our largest brand’s social engagement. We were able to support a total of 235,186 families through our global initiatives last year, which beats the previous year’s achievement by 30%.
Find out more about how we think and what we do towards Sustainability on the pages that follow. We look forward to receiving your feedback and ideas!