Why People?

We have always been concerned about the well-being of our employees. As a responsible company, it is also vital for us to contribute to the positive development of society. 

Employee Health & Safety

Good working conditions and practices are global issues. Despite this they are not handled in a consistent way throughout the world. As the global supply chain expands and diversifies, these issues are becoming increasingly complex to keep track of and monitor. In addition, consumers demand increasing transparency and regulations for more responsible business. We believe that ensuring the health and safety of all our employees is vital for our business success. We have a company-wide 'Zero Accident' program and a proactive approach to safeguarding the health of our employees. These are the focal points of our efforts – a firm conviction that is also deeply rooted in our responsible corporate culture. This commitment extends beyond our workforce to those of our suppliers. To achieve this we are continuously monitoring and reviewing the working conditions and practices at all our sites. We ensure that our production facilities are equipped with the latest safety features. In addition, our employees receive regular training in occupational safety. We offer a comprehensive range of medical services and far-reaching promotional and preventative health activities.

We have a binding Code of Conduct for our suppliers that defines our working standards.

Employee Engagement

Nowadays, employees express a strong interest in sustainability issues. They want to work for a company that shares their values and actively engages them in its sustainability commitment. This is becoming an ever more important requirement to attract, retain and motivate employees. We firmly believe that we can only increase our sustainability commitment with the support of our employees. In order for our sustainability strategy to be effective and achieve its targets, our employees need to understand what sustainability means to them in private and in business terms and how they can actively contribute. This in turn leads to increased motivation and enhanced performance, which benefits our business. To achieve this we are developing touch points where employees can communicate their opinions and ideas about sustainability. We are also offering our employees volunteering opportunities to help them further develop their perspectives – both business-wise and personally.

Social Responsibility

Some regions of the world are witnessing increasing poverty and at a global level, the gap between rich and poor is getting wider. In the face of various economic pressures, companies are increasingly being called upon to play a greater role in redressing this imbalance. In addition, more and more consumers consider social responsibility an important aspect when buying, and are demanding more information about the company’s commitment. We believe that, as a global corporate citizen, we should play an active role in making positive contributions to society. We aim to positively influence the world around us by supporting activities that complement our brands and build on Beiersdorf’s strengths. Healthy communities are the cornerstone of healthy societies and business can only benefit from supporting the communities in which it operates. To achieve this we have developed a strategic framework to ensure that our work in this area is successful and effective. All our activities around the world are based on the principle of 'helping people to help themselves' and meet the following criteria: local relevance, longevity, mutually-beneficial approach, and measurable impact. 

One Team - Living Diversity

Within our company-wide program ‘One Team. Living diversity’ we manage all our activities related to diversity.