Focus Planet

We believe that ecology and economy should go hand-in-hand. Which is why we constantly work to reduce the impact of our emissions on the environment. To achieve this, we find solutions that reduce our energy consumption during our production and distribution processes and, wherever possible, we use renewable energy sources to produce products that our consumers will cherish.  

As part of our Blue Building Initiative, we’ve constructed our own buildings sustainably and reduced our environmental footprint using location-specific planning to increase onsite energy efficiency. By introducing new, energy-efficient technologies and investing in renewable energy, we’ve made going green a top priority.  

To reduce waste generation and boost recycling, we’ve found ways to generate new production materials from our waste. Where waste cannot be eliminated, we’ve worked with our supply chain partners to identify ways to reuse and recycle: so our customers can enjoy the products they love safe in the knowledge that they won’t affect the world they live in. Alongside our international partners, we’re working towards our global goal: zero waste to landfill. In fact, in 2015, we eliminated waste to landfill from all of our European production locations.  

We know that by controlling and reducing our waste consumption we can protect our planet’s precious resources but we also know that water scarcity and climate change are altering our planet forever. We strive to reduce our water consumption wherever possible. By using purification processes with low environmental impact and assessing local water risk, we use reclaimed water in a sustainable way. Across our offices, we continue to invest in the latest wastewater treatment systems and preserve critical water supplies.