Stakeholder Engagement Overview

Building strong, sustainable relationships with our stakeholders helps us to achieve more, together. From our employees to our business partners, investors, research scientists, policy makers and public administrators, as well as our local neighbouring communities and non-profit organizations (NPOs), all of the partnerships we form give us more opportunity to share new ideas and make a difference.

We know how important sustainability is to our employees. And we believe that we can only strengthen our sustainability commitment with their help. By actively informing, inspiring and involving our employees in all of our sustainability initiatives, we help them to engage with us and find value in their work. Through our We Care Engagement Programme we encourage all of our employees to act sustainability at work and at home: helping them to feel empowered on a daily basis.

Much like our employees, our consumers expect our products to make a positive impact on the environment and society. By providing them with sustainable product solutions, we actively engage them in our sustainability commitment and inspire them to make looking after our environment a priority.  

Through open innovation, we work alongside our suppliers to conserve resources, think beyond boundaries, and find even better ways to protect our planet. Our Pearlfinders – We Open Innovation Initiative improves our visibility in the market and strengthens our image as a trustworthy innovation partner. That’s also why we choose to work with suppliers who are just as passionate about climate protection and resource conservation as we are.  

By working alongside non-profit organisations, we learn more about environmental protection and sustainable sourcing practices. Through our partnerships with NPOs, we make sure the projects we support genuinely improve lives and help us to care for the condition of our planet. From donating suitable products to families in need to mitigating against climate change, our strong relationships with NPOs help us to make a relevant and sustainable impact.  

We believe in transparency and honesty, which is why we maintain an open-dialog with all of our external stakeholders: suppliers, non-profit organisations, other companies, and our customers. By listening, understanding and engaging with our stakeholders we ensure we focus on the right sustainability topics and find solutions that work for everyone. Through collaboration and trust, we work as one team with one goal: achieving sustainability in a collective, cooperative way.