The Blue Agenda defines the course of our future.
Stefan F. Heidenreich, Chairman of the Executive Board of Beiersdorf AG

We Are Skin Care

We Are Skin Care

Close to Consumers

Skin care has been our core competence for more than 100 years. We stay close to our consumers by developing skin care brands and products they trust – globally and regionally.

Our Profile

Beiersdorf Worldwide

Beiersdorf Worldwide

130 years ago, the company founder, Paul C. Beiersdorf at his Hamburg laboratory was already handling orders from physicians and pharmacies all over the world. Today, we have more than 150 affiliates around the globe. Worldwide, Beiersdorf employs over 16,500 people of whom 965 are scientists.

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Our Brands SegmentsWe Are Represented in all Important Segments with Our Three Global Brands NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie: the Mass Market, Dermocosmetics, and the Premium Segment

  • Mass Market

    The NIVEA brand has enjoyed market success for over 100 years and is one of the world’s largest skin care brands today. NIVEA stands for values ​​like trust, security, and reliable care for all skin types and is available in about 200 countries around the world.

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  • Dermocosmetics

    Eucerin is synonymous with innovative medical skin care which dermatologists and consumers around the world trust. This high-quality product line is among the world’s leading dermatological cosmetics brands and is sold in pharmacies in over 60 countries.

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  • Mass Market

    Mass Market

    The NIVEA brand has enjoyed market success for over 100 years and is one of the world’s largest skin care brands today. NIVEA stands for values ​​like trust, security, and reliable care for all skin types and is available in about 200 countries around the world.

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  • Dermocosmetics


    Eucerin is synonymous with innovative medical skin care which dermatologists and consumers around the world trust. This high-quality product line is among the world’s leading dermatological cosmetics brands and is sold in pharmacies in over 60 countries.

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Our History


Paul Carl Beiersdorf

Pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf establishes the Company.


Beiersdorf's patent for medical plasters

The date of the patent document for the manufacture of medical plasters is taken as the date of the Company’s formation – March 28, 1882.


Beiersdorf´s pharmacy in Hamburg´s Mühlenstrasse

Beiersdorf uses the patent to produce gutta-percha plasters in the laboratory next to his pharmacy, laying the foundations for modern plaster technology.


Dr. Oscar Troplowitz

Pharmacist and businessman Dr. Oscar Troplowitz purchases the Hamburg-based Company from its founder, Paul C. Beiersdorf. He modernizes the production processes, makes first international contacts, and significantly enlarges the Company.


Topping-out ceremony

Topping-out ceremony for Beiersdorf's new factory in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel.


Contract with the US trading company Lehn & Fink

The first international cooperation agreement is signed with US trading company Lehn & Fink, providing the first business contact with the USA.


Patent application for Eucerit

Patent application for Eucerit, (lit. "beautiful wax"), an emulsifying agent. Made from lanolin, found in sheep’s wool, Eucerit is the basis for Eucerin and, later on, for NIVEA Creme.


First Beiersdorf affiliate in London

A first overseas affiliate is established in London.


Labello package

Launch of the Labello lip balm. The lip care product in the new sliding tube quickly becomes an international hit.


NIVEA Creme is introduced

NIVEA is born. Working closely together with chemist Dr. Isaac Lifschütz and dermatologist Prof. Paul Gerson Unna, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz develops the first stable skin cream based on a water-in-oil emulsion, using the emulsifying agent Eucerit.


NIVEA Creme advertisement

Troplowitz names the product NIVEA, derived from the Latin word nix, nivis, meaning "white as snow".


Beiersdorf’s affiliates worldwide

The Company now does business with 34 countries, with 42% of sales being generated abroad.


Beiersdorf Vienna

An affiliate is founded in Austria.


Dr. Oscar Troplowitz

The death of Dr. Oscar Troplowitz and his co-shareholder Dr. Otto Hanns Mankiewicz in 1918 necessitate several changes in Beiersdorf’s legal form. The public company P. Beiersdorf & Co. AG is founded on June 1, 1922.


Scene from the first NIVEA film "Eulalias Verjüngung"

NIVEA takes its first steps: NIVEA Creme's first commercial film is shown in German cinemas.


Share of Beiersdorf & Co Inc., New York

Beiersdorf establishes an affiliate in the USA.


Dr. Willy Jacobsohn

Beiersdorf becomes a public company. Willy Jacobsohn takes over as Chairman of the Executive Board.


First Hansaplast plaster

Hansaplast is launched on the market and revolutionizes wound care: It is the first plaster to feature a gauze pad, allowing it to be used to care for open wounds as well.
The plaster is based on Leukoplast, the zinc oxide plaster invented in 1901 by Dr. Troplowitz.


Beiersdorf Hamburg

More than 500 people are employed in Hamburg.


NIVEA is relaunched in the classic blue tin

NIVEA gets a new design. In order to adapt to social changes in the 1920s, it is decided to give the NIVEA brand image a complete makeover. The yellow-green tin with art nouveau elements is redesigned – the first instance of a marketing concept that would be termed a "relaunch" today. Not only the color and packaging design ...


NIVEA Creme advertisement

... but also the advertising strategy is changed completely. Leisure, sports and nature play a central role in the new NIVEA profile.


Beiersdorf's international manufacturing

Beiersdorf's shares are listed on the Hamburg Stock Exchange for the first time. Over 20 Beiersdorf production sites are already in operation worldwide at this time.


Beiersdorf employees in Hamburg

Beiersdorf employs more than 1,400 staff on its 50th anniversary.


Beiersdorf Board in the 30ies

Under pressure from the National Socialists who had come to power, the Jewish members of the Executive Board, headed by Dr. Willy Jacobsohn, step down. Jacobsohn moves to Amsterdam, where he heads the foreign affiliates until 1938, before emigrating to the USA. Under the leadership of Carl Claussen, the Beiersdorf Executive Board succeeds in steering the Company through the difficult Nazi period despite much hostility from competitors.


Beiersdorf affiliate in Argentina

Beiersdorf's first South American affiliate is founded in Argentina.


Scene from the NIVEA film "Weiß in Blau"

Elly Heuss-Knapp, the wife of Theodor Heuss, the first President of the Federal Republic of Germany after the War, works freelance for NIVEA, designing key elements of its advertising, in particular its cinema and radio advertising. She continues to work for Beiersdorf until the end of the Second World War.


tesa advertisement

tesa is introduced as the umbrella brand for self-adhesive technology. The first innovative product is its transparent adhesive film, later known worldwide under the name tesafilm.


Destroyed Factory in Hamburg

The air raids on Hamburg cause heavy damage to both production plants and administrative buildings. At the end of the Second World War, most of the Hamburg production plants and administrative buildings have been destroyed. During the war, most Beiersdorf affiliates in countries at war with Germany are expropriated. Beiersdorf also loses its NIVEA trademarks here. Soon after the war, Beiersdorf begins to buy back the trademarks.


NIVEA turnover

Nevertheless, Beiersdorf generates sales of DM 30 million in the year in which the Federal Republic of Germany is founded.


PH5 Eucerin range

PH5 Eucerin is launched on the market. This innovative ointment focuses on the importance of the skin’s own natural protective acid barrier in maintaining good skin health. It is the basis for the Eucerin consumer brand.


8x4 range

Beiersdorf introduces the first deodorizing soap that specifically inhibits the growth of bacteria that decompose sweat. Juan Gregorio Claussen – the longstanding Head of Advertising at Beiersdorf – develops the catchy name 8x4 based on the name for the active ingredient, B32.


The new NIVEA tin

Birth of a design icon: the NIVEA tin gets its signature "Creme" logo, which remains its identifying feature to this day.


NIVEA milk advertisement, Greece

NIVEA milk – liquid NIVEA Creme in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion – is introduced for all-over body care.
A large number of affiliates and licensees expand Beiersdorf's international business in the course of the 1960s.


Main entrance to the Beiersdorf headquarter in Hamburg

Beiersdorf employs more than 10,000 people worldwide.


Introduction of the new Beiersdorf logo

Beiersdorf adopts a new company logo. For the first time, a design manual specifies what the company logo, lettering, and corporate colors should look like worldwide.


Launch campaign NIVEA Visage, Belgium

Launch of NIVEA Gesicht (later NIVEA Visage). Start of the steady expansion of NIVEA as a brand for skin and beauty care through a large number of subbrands with an international focus.


Focussing on core competencies

Beiersdorf begins implementing a strategic reorientation process, focusing primarily on the core competencies of skin care, wound care, and adhesive technology.


La Prairie advertisement

Acquisition of the La Prairie brand, which originated in the famous "La Prairie" clinic in Montreux, Switzerland.


NIVEA all over the world

As body care markets increasingly go global, NIVEA becomes the world’s largest skin care brand by expanding into new areas of cosmetics, standardizing NIVEA brand policy worldwide, and recovering its remaining trademarks in countries such as the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.


NIVEA Poland

A majority interest is acquired in Polish company Pollena-Lechia, now known as NIVEA Polska SA. At this point all trademarks been repurchased worldwide.


Beiersdorf Range

The Company's strategy is streamlined further to focus on a small number of strong consumer brands.


tesa becomes an independent affiliate

The new strategy allows tesa to become an independent affiliate, enabling it to react more flexibly to consumers and industrial customers.


Florena Creme

Florena, based in Waldheim in Saxony, becomes a wholly-owned Beiersdorf affiliate. The two companies originally cooperated under a "licensed production" agreement before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and intensified their ties following the reunification of Germany.


Tchibo becomes Beiersdorf's majority shareholder

In  October a long struggle for the Allianz stake in Beiersdorf ends happily for the Company. Tchibo Holding AG increases its shareholding from 30.3% to an initial 49.9%, becoming Beiersdorf’s largest shareholder. This prevents Beiersdorf AG from being split up. In order to ensure that Beiersdorf remains in Hamburg, the city also temporarily acquires a 10% stake. A new functional organization focusing on the areas of brands, supply chain management, finance, and human resources replaces the previous divisional organization.


The Beiersdorf Research Center in Hamburg

The new Skin Research Center opens in Hamburg. With more than 450 scientists, this is one of the largest and most advanced research centers in Germany, and one of the most important in the world.


Beiersdorf CEO Thomas B. Quaas and Hamburg's mayor Ole von Beust

The world's first "NIVEA Haus" is opened on the Jungfernstieg street in the heart of Hamburg. Beiersdorf's sales exceed €5 billion for the first time.


Slek advertisement, China

In the year of the Company´s 125th anniversary, Beiersdorf acquires an 85% stake in C-BONS Hair Care, one of the leading companies in the Chinese hair care market with a well-developed sales network in China.


Beiersdorf joins the DAX!

In December 2008, Beiersdorf is included in the leading German equity index, the DAX, which comprises the 30 leading listed companies in Germany.


Wellness in the NIVEA Haus

Beiersdorf opens the NIVEA Haus on Berlin’s famous “Unter den Linden” boulevard. This is the world’s third NIVEA Haus following the ones opened in Hamburg and Dubai in 2006 and 2008 respectively. In line with the needs of its metropolitan customers, the NIVEA Haus in Berlin, on a space of over 500 sqm, provides brief cosmetic applications for short-term relaxation and recovery.


Eucerin AQUAporin

Beiersdorf introduces the new Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE moisturizer, developed using a Nobel Prize-inspired technology. As of fall the aquaporin technology is step by step being integrated in various NIVEA products.


NIVEA Invisible for Black & White

Beiersdorf developed after intensive research, along with textile experts from the prestigious International Textile Institute Hohenstein, a deodorant that reduces stains: NIVEA Invisible for Black & White, the most successful deodorant launch in the history of Beiersdorf.


Happy Birthday NIVEA!

Happy Birthday NIVEA! With celebrations around the world and a special campaign the NIVEA Creme celebrates its 100th anniversary.


Changes in Executive Board

Stefan F. Heidenreich is taking over from Thomas-B. Quaas as CEO of Beiersdorf AG. Mr. Heidenreich has been a member of the Executive Board since January 2012.



50 years after launch of the very first bodylotion in 1963 NIVEA transforms body care again with the launch of its In-shower Skin Conditioner range – a hassle-free way to moisturize while in the shower.