Innovation Highlights

Innovation and Quality

Decoding the skin’s complex processes, researching the effects of certain substances on human skin, and developing new product formulations – this has been the secret of Beiersdorf’s success for around 130 years. Even the introduction of Eucerin (1900) and NIVEA Creme (1911) can be traced back to the systematic research activities conducted while searching for new emulsions in close coordination with dermatological research. This principle still applies today, and Beiersdorf’s research and development remains the source of the company’s and its brands’ dermatological expertise and high rate of innovation. 

Beiersdorf has been setting global standards for decades, for example with the introduction of the sun protection factor, the first skin care regime especially for men, and of course with countless active ingredients, like the coenzyme Q10 in the field of antiaging and Hydra IQ technology in moisturizing products. Our groundbreaking products also stand out thanks to being incredibly gentle on the skin and as a result of their outstanding quality. 

Beiersdorf systematically focuses on consumers’ desires. This consistent focus on consumers’ needs is what has made Beiersdorf brands like NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie so successful around the world for many decades.

Successful Brands

Successful Brands

NIVEA, Eucerin, and Elastoplast: our brands enjoy the trust of millions of consumers worldwide and occupy leading positions on many different markets.

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