Quality Products for 130 Years

The product development department at the Beiersdorf research center views itself as a bridge between skin researchers and consumers. On the basis of the latest research findings, our experts develop outstanding formulas and packaging that are tailored to the needs of different skin types and age groups as well as different usage habits and expectations.

Supplying the skin with moisture is the foundation of every effective skin care regime. Depending on gender, skin type, and age, however, the skin’s needs are different – women’s skin usually requires more moisturizing than men’s; young skin needs less moisture than older skin. While researching skin care needs during the past few years, Beiersdorf research also came to some completely new findings regarding the natural regulation of moisture levels and the distribution of water in the outermost layers of the skin. These discoveries were directly incorporated in the development of new moisturizing skin care products.

But there are other requirements, too, for optimal skin care. As we get older, the skin’s own protective function weakens, but it can be strengthened with additional ingredients or oils and fats. Beiersdorf product developers’ advancing technological expertise has also made it possible to incorporate ingredients into the emulsions so that the skin can absorb them perfectly and utilize them. Since launching NIVEA Creme back in 1911, Beiersdorf developers have continuously increased their knowledge of emulsion technologies. That is why Beiersdorf can now offer highly effective skin care products for every skin type and every age group.

In addition to its effectiveness, the success of a product also depends on whether consumers find the packaging appealing and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why our bottles and jars are optimized to express NIVEA’s values in a modern way. Our packaging is expected to work flawlessly and be easy to use over the entire life of the product. At the same time, high-quality seals, pumps, and sprays offer consumers ever-increasing ways to use our products; the introduction of sunscreen sprays several years ago impressively demonstrates this.

Beiersdorf has always been conscious of its responsibility to society and future generations. That’s why all of our products are developed to be both well-tolerated by the skin and environmentally friendly. All of the raw materials used must pass through a multistage quality and safety inspection conducted by Beiersdorf quality management. This ensures that the company uses only harmless and high-quality raw materials. These high standards are also applied by Beiersdorf packaging developers for the development of convenient and attractive packaging, ensuring that packaging materials can be designed and produced in a similarly environmentally friendly fashion.  

A long and sometimes time consuming process takes place before a product from Beiersdorf makes it onto a shelf awaiting to be purchased. In the following, 10 steps will be shown, which have to be taken from the idea to a finished product in the jar.