Juan Gregorio Clausen

(1890 – 1977)

Born in 1890, the former frigate captain in the Imperial German Navy started at our company in 1920. As a newcomer to the industry, he quickly took on responsibilities in the advertising department. When Clausen took over, the business was experiencing a certain dead calm. Furthermore, NIVEA’s image in the green and yellow art nouveau style was showing its age. Clausen brought the brand back on course. He revitalized NIVEA with a blue and white design, probably preventing its disappearance from the market. According to one legend, the former captain was inspired by ocean and clouds when he created a design icon in 1925 by changing the colors of the cream tin. The new cursive design of the cream font in 1959 can also be traced back to him. But Clausen brought success to other Beiersdorf brands as well. The former Head of Advertising created the catchy name 8x4. This name comes from the active ingredient B32, which was one of the ingredients in the first 8x4 deodorizing products. For 40 years the creative newcomer shaped the advertising of Beiersdorf before retiring in 1960. In 1977, Clausen died at 87.