Florena Fermented SkincareFeel the power of nature on your skin

Discover a fresh, conscientious approach to cosmetics which is committed to the use of natural ingredients and sustainable, ethical skincare.



Fermentation is the beating heart of Florena Fermented Skincare. Fermentation transforms natural ingredients into compounds that actively nourish the skin, and this process has enabled us to create eco-friendly skincare products that rejuvenate and revivify your skin through the use of natural oils and flowers.

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To produce our formulas, we carefully select precious natural skin care ingredients which are known for their beneficial and cosmetic properties.

Our vegan formulas are composed of at least 99.46% of ingredients of natural origin, in full compliance with COSMOS NATURAL requirements.

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Our range of natural vegan moisturisers have a light and easily absorbed texture, providing long-lasting hydration. Make your skin smoother, softer, and more hydrated – naturally.

Our 5 minute mask treatments provide your skin with an intensive boost of antioxidants to supercharge your skin’s radiance, leaving your face feeling fresh and hydrated.

Our natural Facial Oils provide intense hydration, and can be used alone or combined with other products to create skincare personalised to your skin's needs.

Our Face Cleansers and Make-up Removers work thoroughly yet gently to remove make-up and impurities, for a fresh and smooth skin feeling.