Our Strategy: The Blue Agenda

A feel for the needs and wishes of our consumers, a dis­ciplined approach to brand management, and innovation-led research and development work have made Beiersdorf what it is today. We look back with pride on over 130 years of success. However, this success story does one thing above all: It imposes a duty and an incentive to do even better in the future, step by step, and to continue the company’s progress sustainably and for the long term.

Our vision is to be the number one in skin care in our relevant markets and categories. Our compass is our Blue Agenda. Introduced in 2012, it defines the course we are adopting to face the challenges of the future and with which we intend to reach our goals.

And we are under way! Beiersdorf is picking up speed – the company stands once more for innovative products and strong brands. We have refocused NIVEA on its core values, gaining clarity and new potential. A systematic, clear approach is our path to increasing our market share.

We are basing this on an open, integrative corporate culture that encourages high performance, and on employees who take responsibility and who think like entrepreneurs. We need to be right up close to our markets and consumers and to be as efficient and flexible as possible.

Our history is what drives us forward. We want to get better every day. And we can count on the complete dedication of our highly motivated employees to do so.

This strategic program is focused on strengthening our brands, increasing our innovative power, expanding our presence in the emerging markets, and on our dedicated employees.