Research & Development

At Beiersdorf, we’ve spent over 130 years learning about skins complex processes and developing skin care products that the world can trust. But we didn’t stop there.

Over the last century we’ve discovered new formulas, ingredients and solutions that have helped us to care for the people who use our products. By investing in innovation and bravely challenging what we know about skin care, we’ve discovered new ways to help our customers feel wonderful in their skin, every day. From the introduction of Eucerin (1900) and NIVEA Crème (1911) to the unearthing of the skin-rejuvenating and wrinkle-reducing coenzyme Q10, we’ve found new ways to help millions feel more radiant and more confident.

Today, our 637 scientists measure, analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of our skin care products to match the differing needs of our global consumers. Every day, they combine science and art to create magical products that benefit our customers.

Quick facts on Research and Development

  • Around 702 global employees working in Research & Development
    €188 million annual investment into R&D in 2016
    The Consumer Business Segment filed patents for 47 innovations in 2016
    Laboratories in Germany, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and the USA to study and meet regional skin care needs
    Globally renowned Skin Research Center, one of the largest and most modern in Europe
  • International Open Innovation initiative launched in 2010 to increase our innovative capacity
    800 studies annually at 50 external institutes worldwide
    Over 500 close research partnerships with universities, research centers and start-up companies worldwide
    Around 1,900 studies with approximately 45,000 participants in 2016 alone