Staying close to our customers

Staying close to our customers helps us to understand and meet their needs. It’s why we involve them at each and every stage of the product development cycle. We rigorously examine all of our ingredients before we put them forward for human testing and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our testing methods: it’s what makes our products some of the safest and most stable in the world.

It’s no secret that we want to become the world’s leading skincare company. Across the globe our brightest physicists, engineers and medical technicians work together to deepen their understanding of the skin and discover new ways for us to protect it. How? By investing in open innovation. That’s innovation that happens outside of our company at any of our partner universities, research institutes, or start-ups. Over time, we’ve built and maintained over 500 strong partnerships: many of which have led to the development of products our customers know and love today. From launching NIVEA Black & White deodorant to developing our award-winning online platform Trusted Network, we help others to share, discover and develop new inventions and product ideas that will benefit everyone.

We’re committed to making wonderful things happen, because we believe the world is simply a better place to live in when we innovate together. As well as Trusted Network, we’ve developed initiatives that help our external partners to chase their dreams. Our initiatives Innovation Pitch, Supplier Fair, Project House and Incubation Labs have all focused on collaborating with outside inventors, innovators and scientists to transfer knowledge and develop pioneering solutions. And together, we have explored new and exciting skin care possibilities that will enrich the lives of millions of people.