Staying close to our customers

At Beiersdorf, we use the latest biomechanical, molecular biological, and physical methods of analysis to find new, active principles that will support the skin in its metabolic process. By understanding the properties of the skin, we can create natural products that provide our customers with the best level of skin treatment.

We partner with leading natural science researchers, universities and other scientists outside of our research facilities to push the boundaries of skin care science. Why? Because when we strive for industry-wide innovation, we find more ways to care for our customers.

Natural science knowledge has been growing at a rate of around 200% every 8 years, so today, we know 5,000 times more than we did 100 years ago.

We work hard to understand and care for our consumers.That’s why we set extremely high safety and quality standards across our portfolio of consumer products. Each year we conduct around 800 studies through external quality controlled institutes and test our cell cultures on our pool of internal and external human test subjects to ensure every innovation is declared harmless and dermatologically approved.

Our product development department is the bridge between our skin researchers and our consumers. They use the latest research findings to develop well-tolerated and technologically advanced formulas and packaging that are tailored to the needs of different skin types, age groups and genders.

Collectively, they design and produce environmentally friendly packaging that functions flawlessly and attracts our customers to our products.