La PrairieLuxurious skin care that protects against signs of aging

The legacy of ageless beauty

For nearly four decades, La Prairie has been conducting research in the segment of antiaging skin care. The resulting products are always setting new benchmarks in terms of innovation, luxury, and effectiveness. The exclusive, patented cellular complex effectively prevents visible signs of skin aging. You can access our website here

Science in the name of beauty

Science in the name of beauty

While it’s impossible to stop the skin aging process completely, it can be slowed down so that skin remains younger for longer. That’s why the La Prairie experts have been conducting research in the antiaging segment for nearly four decades. Our luxurious skin care products are some of the most popular in the premium segment.

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The Platinum Rare Collection

Platinum is one of the rarest raw materials on earth, but did you know that the precious metal is also an effective fountain of youth? This collection allows you to pamper your skin, your most valuable asset, by reducing signs of aging.

The Skin Caviar Collection

Caviar’s more than just a delicacy. With its unique proteins, it also pampers your skin, making it silky soft and smooth.

The White Caviar Collection

Clear, firm, and radiant skin was even a sign of elegance and nobility in the antiquity. Embody this timeless ideal of beauty with the golden caviar extracts, liquid crystals, and pearly luster of this skin care collection.

The Radiance Collection

All that glitters is not gold – in your case, it’s simply glowing, vibrant skin full of radiance.

The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection

Turn back time with natural crystals of eternal ice – for a skin that looks much fresher and younger and noticeably more resilient.

The Anti-Aging Collection

How do you slow down the aging process? And how do you prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place? We committed ourselves to these issues nearly 40 years ago.



The brand’s origins can be traced back to the famous La Prairie Clinic in Montreux, Switzerland. Read more about the brand history.

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