Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management department play a very important role in ensuring our well-loved products reach our customers on time and in perfect condition. Across the department, our five teams – Customer Management, Demand & Supply, Consumer Relations, Procurement, and Gifting – work together collaboratively to ensure every part of our process operates effortlessly. From solving complex issues to developing stock forecasts, improving our packaging, purchasing the goods we need, and deciding when to take our product to market, every day is different for them. 

‘Our department is critical to the success of our business – in fact, without us, our customers wouldn’t receive the products they know and love.’ Jason Drake

Think a role in Supply Chain Management team sounds like you?

Join us as a:

  • Demand & Supply Planner
  • Customer Logistics Executive
  • Supply Chain Customer Management Executive
  • Strategic Buyer
  • Packaging Technologist