Meet our people

We believe in establishing successful working relationships that are built on mutual respect. That’s why we only hire collaborative, can-do individuals with a passion for our brands and a desire to grow as part of our business. In return, we go above and beyond to help the people we employ achieve their goals. It’s why so many of our employees choose to stay with us long-term.

Alex Gostling - Marketing

My career with Beiersdorf began in 2010 on the two-year THRIVE graduate scheme, where I worked in departments in both the UK and Sweden. I then joined our Sales team in the UK to work on our Waitrose, Morrison’s and then Tesco accounts, before becoming a member of the Marketing team where I now manage the NIVEA MEN, Haircare and Lip brands. 

In Marketing, it is our passion to understand the needs of our customers and engage with them in a relevant and unique ‘NIVEA’ way. Each member of our marketing team is empowered to act on their initiatives and creativity, to develop and activate exciting and cut-through campaigns.

We build long term partnerships with some of most exciting organisations in the UK. From CRUK on our Sun Care brand, right the way to Liverpool Football Club.

These partnerships allow us to embrace new technology and different ways of communicating, engaging with current and new consumers.

Just this year, I‘ve been awarded the prestigious Employee of the Year Award - which was a real privilege. I would recommend Marketing at Beiersdorf to those who have a passion for brands with a rich heritage and a bright future. For those who go the extra mile to understand the consumer and have a fighting spirit to deliver world leading campaigns and products, to ensure we remain the leading skincare brand of the future.

Shannon O’Brien - Finance & Controlling

I joined Beiersdorf in 2014, within our commercial finance sector of the department, but I have recently moved into a new role in Supply Chain Finance. From ensuring our products are costed correctly to working directly with our people in our Holford warehouse, it’s a really diverse and people-focused role.

In my role, I partner with a number of different departments to try and simplify how we do things. Simplicity is one of our core values and that’s truly reflected by the way we work here. Because of the close-knit, collaborative nature of our business it’s a lot easier for us to solve complex problems, which means that we can consistently deliver a better service to our customers. Whether I’m putting in place new procedures that will change the way we do things or talking to our people at our warehouse in Holford, I’m given the freedom and support to be innovative.

One of the things that makes Beiersdorf so different is the type of people we hire. In Finance there are a real mix of introverts and extroverts, which helps our team to feel comfortably balanced. In my role particularly, you have to be especially confident with numbers and highly analytical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be sociable. Within my team especially, we love to go out and socialise – it’s great because it brings us together and helps us to collaborate when we’re at work.

Sam Smith - Warehouse Distribution

I joined Beiersdorf just over a year ago as a Health and Safety Advisor. I’d previously spent time at another company in a similar role and before that I’d spent most of my working life in the fire service. In fact, I was particularly attracted to the role because of the parallels it drew with my previous profession: from finding proactive ways to protect people to responding to urgent safety situations, it’s all about caring for our employees, customers and the environment.

In Warehouse Distribution we look after a number of sites, including the warehouse at Holford and Beiersdorf headquarters in Birmingham. Together, we’ve been working hard to build a positive safety culture that safeguards our people, our products and our customers. Whether we’re revising a safety procedure or working to reduce the risk of our major accident hazard occurring, we have to think about how we can solve problems quickly, effectively and creatively.

Every day I assist in the responsibility of the safety and security of anyone who interacts with our company. To ensure I can care for everyone properly I have to communicate with people from every part of our business. By collaborating effectively and sharing my knowledge, we can successfully change the mind-sets of my colleagues to make our workplace an even safer and more enjoyable place to be.

Jennie Hylton - Sales

I joined Beiersdorf on the graduate scheme in 2004 and I have moved and progressed through various roles and departments over the last 13 years - covering Sales, Shopper & Customer Marketing, Brand Marketing and Digital. Most recently I have taken up a new role as European Director of Gifting.

As Head of this relatively new department, working across multiple countries and markets, it’s extremely exciting to be leading the way in a new growth area.

Gifting is as unique part of our business to work in, as it is like running your own business, within a business – thinking of the end to end approach, from strategy and product development, to production, sales and marketing.

As European Gifting Director I’m responsible for creating a cross-market strategy, and leading my team to develop new gift products that will help to bring our brand to life in new and exciting ways. It’s an extremely entrepreneurial role and, at times, it requires us to take risks. Every day I work alongside my team to think of ways to emotionally connect with our consumers whilst delivering business results. From developing new gift sets and products, to strategically creating commercial plans and ensuring we have production timelines in place.

My role is a really cross-functional role that requires someone with the ability to balance creativity and commerciality with drive and passion. The team I work with do a fantastic job every day at ensuring no stone is left unturned, and creativity is at the forefront of this area of our business. This is why today gifting is a key pillar of growth, and will continue to add to our business for the years to come.

Jason Drake - Supply Chain Management

I’ve been part of Beiersdorf for nearly 20 years and have worked in both sales and supply chain throughout that time. Over the years, it’s been great to watch the company grow in size and success, but one of the best things about working here is that our values – care, simplicity, courage and trust – have never changed.

I work as a Customer Logistics Manager within Supply Chain Management. Alongside my team, I perfect order performance to make sure we’re servicing our diverse range of customers in the best possible way. On a daily basis that might involve meeting with our customers, reviewing our processes or working with other parts of the business to ensure we are achieving our business objectives. Our department is critical to the success of our business – in fact, without us, our customers wouldn’t receive the products they know and love.

Every day is different in Supply Chain Management. It’s about adapting to each situation and driving forward change. Whether my team and I are working alongside one of our customers to better understand their needs or working across our business to help our different departments to achieve their goals, we’re integral to driving growth and delivering the best products to our customers.

Lisa Hill - POS and Shopper Marketing

Since joining Beiersdorf just over two years ago, I‘ve had the pleasure of steering the POS & Shopper Marketing team through an exciting growth period. From driving best practice on a global scale to winning nine out of 18 possible POPAI awards for best display, every day has brought new opportunities for us to disrupt and delight shoppers across the country.   

In my role, I ensure we find creative and strategic ways to help Beiersdorf stand out from our competitors. Day-to-day that might involve meeting with our Sales team, Marketing Managers or other internal stakeholders to ensure our in-store plans work seamlessly alongside our wider marketing and commercial campaigns. I also spend time with our retailers to ensure that we are executing our plans in line with their wider strategy and guidelines, and maximizing the impact our plans make, as well as with our creative agencies to ensure that they are clear on our internal objectives and brand creative direction. I also manage the relationship with our field merchandising team, ensuring that they have the information and tools that they need to further amplify our plans in store. Every day is extremely varied: from overseeing the in-store activation we do within skin care, personal care or the digital retailer space, I have to make sure we’re servicing our clients in the best possible way.

In POS & Shopper Marketing, we work closely as a team, coupling innovation and expert project management to ensure we achieve results. Whether we’re working on an established brand campaign or planning and executing a new idea, we have the autonomy and flexibility to think outside of the box. And better still we get the opportunity to watch as campaigns go live and our work comes to life.  

Lisa Brown - Human Resources

I started at Beiersdorf 15 years ago and now work as one of the business’ HR Business Partners, working across all recruitment and HR topics. It’s a fantastic place to work if you want to be part of company that values dedication and rewards employees for their passion. With such an open and collaborative culture, it’s the perfect place to develop and grow your skills.

As an HR Business Partner I help my team to inspire our employees to live our values: care, simplicity, courage and trust. By finding new and innovative ways to engage with them and developing a brand they can feel proud to work for, I help our people to connect with our business goals. Whether that’s providing them with development programs or helping them to achieve their career aspirations, I ensure our people and our business continue to grow.

In my role, I have to ensure that every person who works here feels valued and appreciated for the contribution they make. To do this effectively I have to rely on my emotional intelligence and communication skills to understand the needs of our employees and find ways to help us work together more collegiately. Working alongside such a great team, who believe in our values, helps me to do my job to the best of my ability and I can honestly say that I enjoy every day here more and more.