Worldwide Skin Care

Being extremely close to the desires and needs of the people – that is at the heart of Beiersdorf’s product development. And consumers’ needs are different, with Europeans wanting tanned skin during the summer, and many people in other parts of the world dreaming of a lighter complexion. And people’s preferences for the special fragrances of care products also vary significantly, just like the demand for rich or lighter creams varies based on climatic conditions.

In order to offer consumers in all regions of the world products tailored as closely as possible to their needs, Beiersdorf opened regional Research & Development labs in Wuhan, China, and Silao, Mexico. Additionally, there are Research & Development-teams in the United States and Japan that can immediately pick up on ideas in regional markets and implement them quickly.

For example, Beiersdorf has long offered a variety of products for the Asian skin care market that contain whitening ingredients that gently lighten the skin. And now many Asian men and women alike prefer care products – particularly those from NIVEA – with extremely light textures. In contrast, Brazilian consumers particularly value the effects of NIVEA’s bronzing and at the same time protective sunscreen product Protect & Bronze. And among consumers in Thailand and Mexico as well as countless other countries, the demand for NIVEA Invisible Black & White deodorant is extremely high.

The innovative spirit and unwavering curiosity on the part of Beiersdorf researchers and developers have made Beiersdorf a company that is successful around the world. In the company’s products, consumers find answers to their own personal needs – regardless of where and how they live. Beiersdorf’s brands – above all NIVEA – are now deeply ingrained in different cultures across the globe.

From the Idea to a Finished Product

From the Idea to a Finished Product

It is often a long process to develop an idea into a finished product. Here you can follow the development process from searching for an ingredient to a jar of cream sitting on a retailer's shelf.

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